Disseminated gold mine generated US$430,000 additional value in one blast

disseminated gold mine

Commodity Ore Grade Geology Powder Factor Location
Gold High and Low Disseminated Sulphide 1.15kg/m3 Russia

This disseminated gold mine is one of the top producing open-pit mines in Russia.

  • Mineralisation is disseminated in sedimentary schists and shales
  • Blasts are fired in a 10 metre bench
  • The site contains high grade (3.5 g/t) and low grade ores


Substantial movement of ore was not monitored or accounted for
  • Dilution, with tonnes of waste being treated as ore
  • Misclassification of ore (i.e. high grade ore is stockpiled as low grade or low grade ore is sent to the mill as high grade)
  • Ore loss, with gold being sent to the waste pile


The BMM System accurately measured blast movement and translated post-blast dig lines
  • Blast movement monitors (BMMs) were installed in monitoring holes throughout the shot
  • Installation and detection as per site standard operating procedures
  • BMM Explorer software calculated new dig lines, and areas of ore loss and dilution that would have occurred without monitoring


Value of US$430,000 was added by reducing dilution and misclassification and recovering more ore

Significant movement occurs within all blasts. Variation of ±50% from the mean horizontal movement is common and occurs at this mine.

  • Measured horizontal movement ranges from 2.5 m to 14 m (8 to 46 ft) and vertical movement of up to 4.5 m (15 ft)

As a result of accurately accounting for blast movement, this mine:

  • Reduced dilution by 7%: 17,000* tonnes of waste were diverted from the mill, saving US$340,000**
  • Prevented misclassification of 50,000 tonnes (20%) of ore
  • Recovered 1% (72 oz.) of gold, valued at US$90,000***

* Numbers are rounded
** Estimate based on mine milling costs of US$20 per tonne
*** Calculated at a gold price of US$1,250/oz.

Monitoring blast movement generated an additional US$430,000.

Russia gold mine disseminated