Desktop Studies

Outlining the value of the BMM System Remotely

What are Desktop studies?

Similar to many new technologies, customers need to see from the start what value a system can bring to their business, by preference BMT prefer to do this by conducting onsite trials however sometimes they are not always possible, particularly at the present time when we are working remotely and trying to minimise visitations due to COVID19. That’s where our Desktop Study comes to the for and offers customers timely insight as to how this system can add value to their operation ! It allows the consultant to look into the mine’s operation, input specific data in relation to their site and produce a realistic expectation of results.

To initiate the analysis BMT will often request a number of blasts, with corresponding polygons to estimate the movement and value that the BMM System could generate by accurately measuring movement and thereby minimizing ore loss, dilution and misclassification

Of course, the next question can often be “how accurate are our Desktop Studies?” So to address this we have outlined the below 2 case studies to show how accurate they have been. And to be honest, the great news is, they tend to err on the side of caution in comparison to the real results that the BMM system delivers but have given a good indication, particularly knowing that nothing can replace and more accurately track your ore than actual measured data from the BMM system. Any form of modeling is ” … an imperfect science” and can only be used as an estimate but illustrates that there are positive results there to be made.

Case Study 1

Desktop Study (Pre – BMM Implementation)

Measured Blast (Post – BMM Implementation)


Case Study 2

Desktop Study (Pre – BMM Implementation)

Measured Blast (Post – BMM Implementation)

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