The BMT Solution

Our unique solution accurately measures blast movement to increase ore yield and minimise dilution in every blast.

The Blast Movement Monitoring System (BMM System) is a unique solution that accurately measures 3-dimensional (3D) blast movement in hard rock mining.

A wide range of open pit (surface) operations recover more ore by accounting for blast movement:

  • Commodities include gold, silver, zinc, copper, nickel, platinum, lithium, uranium and iron ore
  • Mineralisation is structured or disseminated, mined in a single bench or multi-flitch
  • Powder factor varies from high to low

activating a BMM at Pine Cove gold mine, Anaconda Mining

Anaconda Mining’s grade control team activate and install a  BMM in a shot prior to blasting at Pine Cove Mine, Newfoundland, Canada.


The BMM System consists of directional transmitters, blast movement monitors (BMMs),  placed within the blast volume prior to blasting. These are located after the blast with a specially-designed detector.

Purpose-designed software, BMM Explorer, calculates the 3D movement vector of each BMM, redefines ore boundaries or digging levels to account for the measured movement, and calculates the value of recovered ore, dilution and misclassification.

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