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What’s New in BMM Explorer v3.7

BMM Explorer v3.7 comes to you with several changes that are designed to improve the efficiency and usability of our product. The key features in this release are outlined below.

1. Multi Element Support

The latest version of BMM Explorer supports multiple elements. Ore blocks can now be imported with grades of multiple commodities and/or contaminants. The Value Calculator can now calculate value recovered from multiple commodities separately, and also supports setting price and default grades for these elements.


2. Multiple OreClass Support

BMM Explorer now supports multiple ore classifications and allows you to define mining cost, processing cost and recovery rates separately for each Ore Class. The Value Calculator allows you to adjust these values for each blast, giving you greater granularity and flexibility in calculating the recovered value.

3. Movement Analysis

The Value Calculator report now includes a section for Movement Analysis, which gives you a detailed breakdown of ore movement and resultant grades of each Element.

4. Iron Ore Value Calculation

BMM Explorer now has the ability to perform Value Calculation for Iron Ore mines based on formulas published on the Platts website. You can now define reference grades, percentage of lumps and fines, benchmark prices, and define criteria for calculating premiums and/or penalties based on grades.


5. Portuguese Support

Language support for version 3.7 of BMM Explorer now includes Portuguese.

Security Certificate

The latest version of BMM Explorer is signed using an industry-standard security certificate.

Other features

BMM Explorer v3.7 has a number of other new features, including

Bug fixes and Performance Improvements

BMM Explorer v3.7 also includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

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