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BMM Explorer v3.6

BMM Explorer v3.6 comes to you with several changes that are designed to improve the efficiency and usability of our product. The key features in this release are outlined below.

1. Renewed User Interface

The latest version of BMM Explorer has a renewed GUI Layout, while preserving all of its inherent functionality. A new “Widget Panel” has been added to ensure easy access to different views of the blast. The figure below shows the new layout:


2. Menus and Icons

The menus in BMM Explorer have been rearranged in this version and we have a new set of icons too! Please refer to the video tutorials for details on these changes.

3. Build-a-Blast Wizard

The Build-a-Blast Wizard provides a streamlined process to import data to blasts. This will enable users to create or edit blasts more efficiently. The figure below shows the interface of the Build-a-Blast Wizard:

4. Value Calculator – Misclassification Mode

The Value Calculator, which allows users to quantify areas of Ore Loss, Dilution and Misclassification, now has a Misclassification-Only Mode. Figure below shows an example of Misclassification areas for Iron Ore.

5. Auto-Archiving Blasts

Archiving old blasts can speed up loading speeds for BMM Explorer. BMM Explorer v3.6 has an auto-archive functionality that reminds the user to archive blasts more than a year old. The auto-archive can run in the background while you continue to use BMM Explorer to process new blasts.

6. Other Bug fixes and Performance Improvements

BMM Explorer v3.6 also includes some bug fixes and performance improvements.


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